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Teaching and learning


Explicit teaching guides students through the learning process. We give clear statements about the purpose and the rationale for learning as well as clear expectations about what students need to know and do.

Warm-up phase: 

WALT and WILF is a tool we use in our classrooms to encourage students to be more actively involved in their learning.

It is use to explicitly highlight to the students what they are being asked to do (WALT = the learning intention) and what we hope they will learn (WILF = the success criteria) in order to help them to make better decisions about how to tackle the set task.

Teaching and learning phase:

I do - Teachers explain, model and demonstrate what is to be learned and how to think during this step.  The students’ job is to watch and listen carefully to the teacher.

We do – Students work with the teacher as more examples are practised.  This gives the students further opportunity to be supported until they demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to move the final, independent step.

You do – This is the final step of the model where students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in the skill or knowledge by working independently.

Feedback phase:

Hattie’s research identifies that ‘feedback has one of the most powerful effects on student achievement’. At Mistake Creek State School, the WALT and WILF posters are also tools that can be used strategically to provide opportunities for feedback, which allows the teacher to know that the content has been learnt and remembered.

*Explicit Instruction  - Anita L Archer and Charles A Hughes